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July 11, 2008
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Nephrite and Naru by avarill Nephrite and Naru by avarill
"I'll take you somewhere, where you'll be safe" ;> XDDD

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123kitkit123 Jun 19, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
err why is she naked?
"..and the rape you up yer arse since I'm like 14 yrs older then you lmao!!!XDD!"

Oh my god. That thought is somewhat disturbinglol... nice lineart job on ythis btw lol..
-coldfusion- Jul 24, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awww it's a sweet picture <3 and he has such a hard look on his face.
If I may suggest, from this angle you probably shouldn't see her aureole like that. It should be facing him, not us.
despite the vast age gap beween the two,i like this pairing,poor Nephtie,that bastard Zoicite killed him when he was about to chnage for the better.that was one of the saddest moments of Sailor Moon.
I like them too, but they could wait until her 18th bd ;) and Zoisite looks cute, but he really was a dick.
Indeed,that faggot killed Nephite.Sorry to use the F word to a gay person,but if that gay person was an evil,super powered asshole who kills for power,he desires that tile.

And you got me there,Drrien wasn't exactly the same age as Serena when they frist met.Serena was 14 while Darrien was 17 or 18,they had to wait a few years to get really if that works,why not NephritexMolly.
I know Usagi was younger, but only 3 years. Nephrite actually was 20 (in manga), so he was 6 years older than Naru. it wouldnt be that much if she wasnt only 14.

Im joking ;) SM is just a story. but Nephrite and Kunzite look too old in anime... ;)
well 20 in appearance,we must remember he existed 1,000 years ago but then was technically killed in the battle of the moon kingdom only to be had he lived he will be over 1,020 years old.

as for how they look in the amine,yeah i will agree with you there,i mean imagine if the parents met this guy in person,they would of had him arrested because he looks more like 28 or 30 than 20.he looks like a pedophile,in fact I'm surprise the Americans didn't bitch and complain about the age gap between Usagi and Mamo nor the age gap between Nephrite and Naru yet bitched about the lesbian relationship between Haruka and michiru who are the same age as another,in fact cloverway responsible for the 3rd and four season English dubs caved to these people and made them cousins,because fucking your family member is clearly morally superior to a lesbian relationship outside the family and they didn't remove much of the gay overtones between the two.

it's increbilde,this country can show movies and cartoons with as much mindless violence as humanly possible but if two lesbian girls even appear in a cartoon,the FFC is quick to jump all over it and fact Haruka and Michiru never even Kissed in the Anime let alone had hot lesbian sex,so why censor fact why show a Anime about girls fighting evil monsters in short skirts using every form of destructive element magical known to man if Americans can't even handle two girls having a lesbian relationship?in fact we just not show any amine at all because most Americans are simply to primitive to handle it.
szkoda mi było Naphrite, ze tak umarl;D mimo ze byl zly jak cholera :P
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